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Bring your boat back to new with abrasive blasting

Bring your boat back to new with abrasive blasting

Because a boat rides on water, rust, or cracks or flakes are going to appear sooner or later. To keep it from reaching to an unusable state, you need to take care of your boat regularly.

Abrasive blasting gets the initial job done that ensures the good health of your boat. It refers to the process of eliminating dirt, debris, paint, rust, marine life, or foreign matter. The process gets followed by the application of a protective coating or sealant later on. It can also be repainted with the after.

So keep an eye if your boat is showing any sign of inconsistency, if it is, it might be time for abrasive blasting. This first and foremost step towards boat restoration leaves your boat ready for the steps after.

The quality of abrasive blasting will decide if the paint will sit tight on the surface or that the restoration process will come out nice and effectively. It is important that you hire professional help for this.

When sandblasting boats, two things, Surface profile and Degrees of cleanliness, need to be considered so the boat can prove to be a good surface for the coating to be applied later on. Coating manufacturers will give the specifics that are to be followed:

Surface profile: this refers to the depth of scratches that the abrasive leaves on the surface. Adhesion and good coatings are guaranteed if specifications are followed.

Degrees of cleanliness: There are 4 degrees of cleanliness decided by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) ranging from removal of all contaminants to removal of loose materials only. Those are, White Metal Blast, Near White Metal Blast, Commercial Blast, and Brush off Blast.

The main target to have the surface prepared is to ensure all the contaminants are removed well and leaves the surface ready to apply adhesive coating. Properly instructed specification confirms your boat gets exactly the treatment it deserves and live a long healthy life.

Sandblasting is by far the most effective method for this process. Steel grit is most suitable blasting abrasive for steel boat and ship sandblasting, though garnet, silica sand or basalt is preferred due to the high cost of steel grit blasting. Soda Blasting is the most ideal media for fiber boat sandblasting process. It offers very sensitive blasting and ensures a good surface quality. Again, the cost is high, low specific gravity abrasives or various organic shells can be used instead.

Please consult with the experts for the specifics so you can pick the most effective way to restore your boat back to life.

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