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Keeping your image afloat

Owning a boat can give you the freedom to sail the high seas; whether you choose to go deep sea fishing, entertaining on your boat, or you want to go on adventures, your boat is a great way to escape.

The sea can be a cruel mistress and your pride of the ocean can soon start to look a little weathered; even if above deck looks good, a look under the water can sometimes tell a very different story.

The rule of thumb is that a boat’s maintenance is usually 10% of the value of the boat per year, and when you consider what a boat goes through that sounds pretty spot on.

Sandblasting gives you a Fresh Canvas

When it comes to boats and salt water, it is like waving a red flag to a bull, rust will inevitably come. Many first-time boat owners do not realise just how harsh the marine environment can be on their beautiful boat. Salt water aside, there is also galvanic corrosion, and none of these are a shipmate’s friend. 

The image that comes with a boat can be easily eroded with some rust, and given some time once rust takes hold it will continue to spread unless you take action; but what if your boat is starting to look a little worse for wear? Do not worry, call the team at Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane.

Your boat can be restored to its former glory with a little help from our professional sandblasting team. We can strip all those plants and crustaceans, rust, and debris from your vessel, giving you back your boat and providing the perfect canvas for a fresh coat of paint.

Sandblasting can make your boat Ship-Shape

Whether you are the proud captain of a beautiful vessel, or you have a tinny for your fishing trips, having a boat that is well-maintained and ship-shape makes all the difference to both your image and your maintenance costs.

Sandblasting is an affordable and easy way to give your boat a facelift, and with a fresh coat of paint will add years onto its life.

Sandblasting – So you can have a Blast on the Water!

If you’re having a blast on your boat, don’t let rust and corrosion get in the way of a good time. Call the team at Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane on 0412 032 325, sandblasting can be more cost effective than you might think.

We can Abrasive Blast Anything you can think of !

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