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Merry Christmas from the Brisbane team at Senko Abrasive Blasting

Christmas is often all about eating! Give your stomach time to digest in between courses with these fun games.

Blind Christmas Tree Building

This game takes some patience, doesn’t require much preparation, and kids and adults can play. All you’ll need is several pieces of green colour paper. Give each person one sheet. The need to close their eyes and tear the paper to construct a Christmas tree. They can tear the paper into one piece or as many pieces as they like to make their tree. The most realistic tree construction wins.

Blind Plate Drawing

Another blind drawing game that will put some laughs in your day. All you’ll need is a quality paper plate and a marker pen for each person. Each person puts their plate right side up on top of their head and draw a Christmas scene on it (while it’s on the top of their head). The host of the game gives the following instructions. Wait until each person completes each instruction before giving the next instruction.

  • Draw a line for a floor
  • Draw a Christmas tree (decorations optional)
  • Draw a star at the top of your Christmas tree
  • Draw a fireplace with a mantel, next to your Christmas tree
  • Draw a present below your Christmas tree

Now it’s time for everyone to look at their plates and add up their scores.

  • 2 points if your tree touches the floor
  • 1 point if your star touches your tree
  • 1 point for every Christmas decoration on your tree (it needs to be touching the tree!)
  • 1 point if your fireplace isn’t touching your tree (that would be a fire hazard!)
  • 2 points if your present is under your Christmas tree
  • 2 points if you added a stocking or decoration to your fireplace mantel

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