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Sandblasting And Protective Coatings For Mining And Construction Industries

Sandblasting for the Mining and Construction Industry.

When it comes to heavy duty sandblasting, Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane is well equipped to deal with all your needs.

Specialising in sandblasting for the mining and construction industry, we understand your equipment and machinery needs to withstand a heavy workload, and long periods of operation, so a quality job is important. As a business, we know that downtime can be costly and disruptive, So for fast turnaround times and a quality service, talk to the experts at Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane.

Our facilities and equipment are top of the range, and all our professional sandblasters have years of experience.

Back To Basics!

At Senko Abrasive Blasting we can sandblast nearly anything back to bare with our specialised and highly experienced sandblasting process; we can provide a tailored solution to our mining and construction clientele, to ensure that our sandblasting thoroughly cleans the surface of any steel equipment and provides a flawless and quality finish every time.

Blasting steel can require a grit and determination, and at other times it can require a delicate hand to deal with highly sensitive and expensive machinery, at Senko Abrasive Sandblasting, we have a range of equipment that can cater to all your needs.

Protect Your Investment

Sandblasting your equipment back to bare can provide a clean and rust-free surface, however, sandblasting will also strip back any protective layers. Adding a protective coating to a sandblasted surface can prolong the life of your steel, as well as leaving a smooth and protected surface.

A protective coating to your metal structure can safeguard steel from the elements and prolong the life of the steel.

With a team of professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and our dedication to getting the job done right, you can count on Senko Abrasive Blasting.

Sandblasting And Protective Coatings For The Mining And Construction Industry!

Senko Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane are open 6 days a week, so call us on 0412 032 325, to see how we can help with all your sandblasting and protective coating needs for the mining and construction industry.

When it comes to sandblasting, we blast the competition out of the park!

0412 032 325

We can Abrasive Blast Anything you can think of !

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