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Soda, sand, bead, walnut or garnet blasting. Which method is right for your project?

Soda, sand, bead, walnut or garnet blasting. Which method is right for your project?

For an effective elimination of the rust and preparing a surface for paint and sealant, using the correct abrasive material is necessary. Otherwise the media can bring an unfavorable outcome or sometimes may even damage the original product.

There are different types of sandblasting methods. Following is a few of them:

Silica Sand or Silicon Dioxide

If simply put, Silicon Dioxide, also known as silica or quartz, is nothing but ordinary sand. Silica Sandblasting was a commonly used method of removing impurities from surfaces; this is because of the size consistency of sand particles and the sharpness of it. These two features make sand a good medium for blasting a surface. However this particular method has been losing its charm as other better mediums have taken place in the market. Besides, this medium can also cause some types of respiratory diseases.


As the name suggests, Soda sandblasting refers to the use of baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda in the blasting process. It is a medium that can be used as a good abrasive to remove rust or unwanted contaminants from a surface without damaging the layer beneath it. For abrasion of delicate materials, soda can be quite a good option.

Steel sandblasting

The medium that is used for steel sandblasting is steel grit. This type of abrasive leaves a smooth finish and often preferred due to its fast cutting nature.

Glass Bead

Glass bead is popular for its matte and satin finish. This grit has very fine materials gives a nice polish to the surface. This type of blasting can be used for redoing a cabinet or removing the paint from your old car.

Garnet blasting

This is yet another environmentally-friendly alternative to coal slag and other blasting medias. Garnets can be of different sizes and shapes. It can also come with rough edges or can be tumbled for rounder edges. Similar to glass, it is a low-dust and silica-free option which is safe for use around water. It is perfect for aluminum and fiberglass, enclosed tanks, dry docks and more.

It is also recyclable and a low-cost option. Garnet sand abrasive can be used to prepare for industrial painting or powder coating without a problem.

Walnut blasting

This gentle, environment-friendly media is best for removing paint or baked-on carbon deposits from metals like iron and steel. It can also be used to clean internal parts and remove graffiti.

Bristle blasting

This type of sandblasting does not use a separate medium, rather the steel wire bristles are rotated on a surface, thus removing any impurities the surface has and leaving it nice and smooth. This method is often used to clean metal surfaces with some form of corrosion.

These different techniques can get different types of job done. If there are confusions about which one to choose, we suggest you to contact the professionals so they can discuss and direct you to the right path.

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