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Top 5 questions you should ask your sandblaster before they start work

Top 5 questions you should ask your sandblaster before they start work

After much of your market study, you might have decided to go for sandblasting, and might also have chosen the sandblasting expert you think is best for the job. But is that enough to just hand over the job to an expert without any prior knowledge of how the assets will be handled or how you will be informed about the progress being done? Of course not. You are entrusting a job into someone else’s hand when you definitely would have preferred to do it yourself if only had the right equipment and the skills, so we need to make sure of everything to the detail for our satisfaction and the efficiency of the job.

Here are 5 absolutely mandatory questions to ask to your service provider before assigning the job:

  1. Which blast media are they planning to use for this specific job and why?

There are tons of different media that can be used for sandblasting. You need to do your research well and gather a knowledge about those Medias so you can develop the initial idea of which method is right for the job. Ask the service provider which media they are planning to use for this specific task, and let them justify. After they have shared their view, run the second term of your research with the given option, ask other experts for their suggestions. Proceed only after you are satisfied with the answer. In case you come up with a different option, let the professional know, and ask for their opinion on that.

  1. What guarantees do they offer?

Of course any professional would want to give their best service for keeping their reputation intact, if nothing else. But what if even after putting their best effort, something goes wrong? What if your vehicle or your home doesn’t end up with the quality that was actually promised?

You need to be sure there are things that can be done in case anything like that occurs. You need to be protected just as surely as the equipment being sandblasted.

  1. How often do you get updated on the job?

You surely don’t want to be kept in dark when it comes to your valuable assets being fixed. Run an enquiry about how they are planning to keep you updated on the job, how often can you expect to be communicated with and how will they make sure everything is going just the way you wanted it to.

  1. What are their common safety precautions?

Sandblasting is a complicated process and sometimes hazardous too. If not taken proper measure, it can harm the staffs working on the job. One that takes care of their stuffs enough, will also take care of your equipment that you can be sure of.

  1. How do they minimize the harmful effect of sandblasting?

Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is an industrial process that uses force to blast abrasives on the surface. This process can sometimes prove to be harmful to the environment. Keep your conscience clean and question your abrasive blaster about the measures they are undertaking to get the job done at minimum harms being done to the environment.

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